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David Allen Burgess

I have been working with cellular technology as a practicing engineer since 1998, in both military and commercial sectors. I have designed and built intercept systems, triangulation systems, and ordinary cellular networks based on several technologies. I have conducted workshops at professional conferences and provided training to US government personnel on cell phone interception and tracking techniques. I have developed cell tower equipment and supported mobile operators in designing and deploying their networks.

I am available as an expert witness or consulting expert in any US state, working with plaintiffs or defendants. My interest is to make sense of technical evidence, determine facts, and explain things clearly.

What are my areas of expertise?

My current focus is on interpretation of cell phone records, for both civil and criminal cases. Typical topics in this area are listed below, including links to recent articles that I have written on some of these topics.

I also have particular experience with:

  • cellphone intercept and manipulation systems  (Stingrays, DRT-boxes, etc.)
  • radio-navigation systems (GPS, and others)
  • cellular network performance, operation, coverage
  • telecom core network operations, call routing, roaming
  • cell broadcast (CBS, SMS-CB, CMAS, Alerts)
  • 911 emergency call processing
What are my qualifications?
  • more than 20 years of telecom engineering experience
  • experience designing and testing tactical cellular intercept and tracking systems
  • experience designing and testing commercial cellular networks
  • BEE and MS degrees from Ga Tech
  • a recognized contributor  in field of mobile network security
Contact Information

Contact me by phone, SMS, or email. If I am not available by telephone, please leave a message and I will return your call within 24 hours.

Mobile: +1-337-366-1197


NOTE: I provide these services only in connection with court cases. If you are a party to a case, please do not contact me directly, but work through your attorney.

Telecommunication expert witness David Allen Burgess